Drawings and Sculptures

Mother Theresa & The Crowd

Mother Theresa

During that time because Mother Theresa was alive, according to the Catholic church, noone was allowed to create a sculpture of Mother Theresa, a living…

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Family I

This was a point in my life that I reached where I finally stopped screaming through my work. You will notice that these people have no eyes or mouths…

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Family II

35cm Height x 30cm Width x 26cm Depth

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Walnut Wood
62cm Height x 36cm Width x 36cm Depth

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All my career I did sculptures of heavy themes of pain and suffering. Later in life I started to fear and question if I was capable of doing a piece based on…

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The Statue of Liberty

Dozens of professional sculptors from former Yugoslavia participated in a competition in 1987. After three exhibitions were held with statuettes…

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The Wedding

Blanched Plaster with Metallic Net, Acrylic Paint
400cm Height x 400cm Width x 17cm Depth

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Three Ladies

This piece was inspired from an Italian renaissance artist, Sandro Botticelli.
- Agim Rudi

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