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ArtPrize 2013 – Agim Rudi receives Social Action Award

Today we embark on the official 2013 journey of ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. I am honored to have been chosen to exhibit my work at Fountain Street Church, an organization known for their work promoting social justice and civil rights. Last week this venue announced that I was the winner of their Social Action Prize and awarded me…

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Launch of Site

  Welcome to my website! I have been working and exhibiting as an artist and teaching as a professor of art for 40 years now, but today marks my first day of having an online presence and a way to communicate with all of you, my peers, my students, my friends, and my audience. I hope that you will enjoy…

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  Throughout my career I have divided my work into sculptures and drawings. In this post, I will discuss sculptures. These works of art can take years to complete, but I feel that they tell an amazing story. One of my favorite sculpture projects was of Mother Theresa, or as she was originally named as an Albanian, Gonxha Bojaxhiu. I…

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  Throughout my career, I have been privileged to exhibit my work in over 150 prestigious galleries, universities, conferences and intimate gatherings throughout Southeast and Western Europe and the United States. My first exhibition was in Slovenia in the Mesna Galeria 1974. This entry to the art world spawned invitations to dozens of exhibitions in the ensuing decades in other…

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