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The Hungry One

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The Hungry One
Relief (Technique)
Blanched Plaster, Wooden Frame
52.5 Height x 24 Width x 27.5 Depth inches
(134cm Height x 61cm Width x 7cm Depth)


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“The theme of the cry on which I have based dozens of my pieces began with this sculpture of a suffering victim. Let me describe it with a small story: One of my professors was one of the best European instructors in Slovenia. He came one day in the morning and told me, ‘I am trying to figure out what problems you have in life. Do you have problems in your love life? finances? with God? with the world? You have these painful themes in your work’. I responded, ‘financially I am fine (before the war my family was content with money), my love life is perfect, I found the woman I will marry after school, but I am carrying this burden of my people and worrying about them’. The hunger exhibited in this piece was not simply for food, but hunger for freedom, peace, life. We couldn’t even sing songs that were written in our own language. If you can imagine small liberties like that being restricted…it is a nightmare. ” – Agim Rudi



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