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Tents in the Refugee Camp (PRINT)

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Tents in the Refugee Camp


Tents in the Refugee Camp (Bllaca)
12 x 18 inches (30.5 x 45.5 cm)



Bllaca is a place on the border of Kosova and Macedonia. Macedonia did not let refugees into their country, and Serbs were not letting us stay in Kosova, so it was an international mess. Everyone and everything that boarded a train in Kosova ended up in Bllaca, over one million people. Diseases started spreading throughout that place, people started dying. The whole world started learning about Bllaca. Finally Macedonia came to an agreement that would open a path to let Albanians pass through to the country of Albania. This happened during the time that NATO bombed the nation of Serbia for the genocide that they committed against Albanians. – Agim Rudi



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