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In Bethlehem are the Roots

Drawings Category: Biblical


In Bethlehem are the Roots
Charcoal and tempera on paper
27.5 x 39 inches (70 x 100 cm)



“As an artist, I am very connected with this drawing. This is the angle from which I perceived the Bible. The roots are in Bethlehem and Israel. I have become infatuated with Israel since it was the birthplace of Christianity. As I recently read through the entire Bible for the first time in my 60 years of life, I discovered something. You cannot read the Bible in a structured, systematic way; you have to read in the way it speaks to you, therefore my drawings also non-systematic. Each person can get a different perspective, view, or outlook through his own life. The Bible is more than words on a page, it is profound and cavernous. Every time I think of the Bible, my mind cannot help but go up to heaven but it also goes down to the roots – to Bethlehem.” – Agim Rudi



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